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By on November 14, 2017

   Air Quality Monitoring      

Innosense is an unique intelligent micro sensor platform for monitoring of air quality. For one year, the period from 15th of October 2016 to 15th of October 2017, there has been a 91% correlation between the InnoSense unit located at Oslo/Hjortnes, compared to the air quality reference station at Oslo/Hjortnes. This level of correlation, reliability and longevity has never before been demonstrated for any micro sensor platform.

The graph above shows the InnoSense platform’s winter measurements, with a correlation of 99% to the reference station.

How we do it:

Using Machine Learning, we ‘train’ off-the-shelf sensors in a laboratory climate chamber. Through machine learning models, the measurements from the sensors are aligned to the real concentrations in the climate chamber. In this way, the sensors are both controlled and prepared for deployment in cities across the globe.